Passing Strange
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Colman “CocoSoulPower” Domingo is a Philly Soul Rockstar that got his groove from the West Philly Streets. His Mom and Pop always told him to keep a song in his heart and he would always find his way. He found his way into the Funkiest Band possible with his crew dogs of “Passing Strange.” Mr. Franklin, Joop, Old Ass Nameless Relative and Venus of Berlin have always lived inside of him and he is grateful to have found visionaries such as Stew and Heidi who illuminate them on paper and Annie to trust that he can give them a full life. How fucking cool! 

“CocoSoulPower” is a screaming sexy Sagittarrius who enjoys world travel, core ball excercises, sunny beaches, hiking and collard greens. Dickheads, know it alls, and fakers turn him off. He thrives on thrills, new adventures, sweet joyful people, and Dolce and Gabbana. His inspirations are his parents Edie and Clarence, may they rest in peace. They gave him every ounce of light that they could manage before they moved on to cast an even brighter one over the rest of his life. Mr. Domingo will premiere his solo play about Soul Music and Family called “A Boy and His Soul” when he  finds the perfect New York home and producers for it. Sounds like a hustle doesn’t it?  Possibly Korean, he is loved by a Squirrel, chills with Dreamgirls, and has a strong fan base in the Mission District of San Francisco — his other soul home. He has allegedly pulled Don Johnson’s hair, called Clint Eastwood a New York Asshole, drank margaritas with Salman Rushdie, did some hippy dancing with Tara Reid and Eric Mabius, flipped out over a Bingo wheel, bullshitted with Sir Peter Hall company, tried to speak 7 languages while being on methadone in front of Bebe Neuwirth, done tequila body shots off of Liev Schrieber’s chest, rolled around the floor with a lesbian brother and has kicked ass looking like Bruce Lee. There is nothing that CocoSoulPower won’t do. Except work as a security guard.

Learn more about Colman at and on Colman's myspace page.

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